About Us


PSC established a branch office in Honolulu in 1983 to handle the geotechnical work for the 600-acre Waikele Development Project consisting of a golf course, shopping center and home sites as well as various infrastructure and highway connectors and over-crossings. This project was completed in 1999. Other examples of projects PSC personnel have worked on are the geotechnical studies for the 40-story Centry Park Twin Towers; corrosion designs throughout Oahu for the Board Of Water Supply; various single and multi-family residential developments in Oahu and neighboring islands; various commercial and industrial structures, including construction materials, testing and inspection services for these projects.

PSC was the recipient of the 1999 Outstanding Project Award by the California Geotechnical Engineer Association (CGEA) for their geotechnical work on the H-3 Lower Halawa project. The project was supported on large diameter drilled shafts with full scale load tests, and was completed on-time and within budget through the efforts of PSC engineers, including the following:

Derrick Chan, President of PSC Consultants, LLC, is the second generation to lead the company founded by his father, Peter S. Chan in the 1970's. Derrick has worked in Hawaii since 2008 and has used his experience and expertise to continue and expand PSC. Derrick has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. He has successfully lead PSC’s team of engineers and field technicians to perform numerous soil and geotechnical investigations and construction monitoring services for major developments throughout Oahu and the neighboring islands in addition to managing the day-to-day operations of PSC.

Dr. Albert Wang, Senior Consultant, has over 15 years of geotechnical engineering project experience in Hawaii and California. He was the project engineer for the Ford Island Bridge, State Route H-3, Aloha Market Place, Kaneohoe Marine Corps and various other projects in Hawaii. He was the project engineer for the settlement evaluation and liquifaction analysis for the embankment and pile-supported runway extension configuration study at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO).